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If you take your cigar hobby seriously, you probably have a pretty good idea of how important it is to use the proper cigar cutter.  This little accessory can absolutely dictate how pleasurable your overall smoking session is.  Besides, with so many different types of cigar cutters out there, many cigar enthusiasts love selecting the one that best suits their personal style.


These days, cigar lovers can choose from a wide range of cutter styles.  We’re going to break down the most popular types of cigar cutters that are used today.  Keep in mind that which cutter style you choose is ultimately based on personal preference.




The guillotine is perhaps the most widely used style in all cigar cutters.  Its massive popularity mainly comes from its ability to create an impeccably clean line which guarantees the perfect smoke.  The blade style ensures that the cut is perfectly straight.  A guillotine also does a great job at preventing the wrapper from being torn or stretched.


There are single-blade guillotines and double-blade guillotines, with most cigar enthusiasts believing that the latter is the most effective.




Typically associated with smaller cigars, the v-cut is a highly unique cutter style that’s great for those who want precision as well as flawless airflow for a perfectly smooth smoke.  Rather than slicing off the end, the v-cut creates an impeccably defined hole thanks to its unique blade.  As an added bonus, this style of cutter prevents the smoker from taking in a bunch of debris when they pull.


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