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Don’t Leave Ash In Your Humidor!

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Smoking a cigar is one of the best experiences that you’ll ever have, but only if you do it right. Being a newbie in cigar smoking, it is common for you to make mistakes and spoil the natural aromas of your stogies. Thus, you need to be really careful for how you treat your cigars.

Ashing of cigars is one of the most common mistakes made by rookies. As a cigar smoker, you might be accustomed to be tapping your cigar on the ashtray once the ash accumulates or when you’re done smoking. But, in cigar smoking, things are a bit differently. Smoking a cigar, you are advised not to tap off the ash. The ash actually plays a very vital role in your smoking experience. It helps to insulate the burn so that your cigar doesn’t burn too hot and end up spoiling its taste. Instead, you should allow the ash to fall off naturally before you can put them back in the humidor.

Ash might be triggered to fall off even after lightly placing your cigar down. Therefore, it’s important that you wait for your cigar to ash off before you can store it back in the humidor. Failure to do so will only lead to shedding of ash inside the humidor and this’ll have a devastating effect on the rest of your stogies. When ash falls inside your humidor, it’ll lead to smelly odors. These odors end up affecting the aromas of the other stogies. Therefore, it’s important that you wait for excess ash to fall off before you can store your half-smoked cigars.

If you didn’t come across this article earlier and have always let your cigars ash in the humidor, it’s important that you be educated on how to clean the ash and get rid of the smelly odors. First, remove all your cigars and then get a lint-free cloth. The purpose of this is to ensure that no particles will be left back as you clean off the ash. Also, get some distilled water. And, note ‘distilled’. Water that’s not distilled might contain chemicals that might be damaging on your humidor. Next, dampen the cloth and start wiping the inside of your humidor until you are sure that all ash has been removed. After you have cleaned every corner, leave your humidor open to air for a few hours. You can also try placing a container containing baking soda. This should be able to absorb all the smelly odors. After you have successfully gotten rid of odors, you can now place your stogies back. But next time remember to let them ash before you can place them in the humidor.

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