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How Does Your Cigar Flavor Speak About Your Personality?

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You might think that the flavor of cigar you smoke is just a flavor, but you need to remember that the flavor of cigar you smoke says a lot about you as a person. You’re giving away a part of your personality when you light up your stogie, and anyone who’s paying attention can learn a lot about you when they smell your cigar. Try to think about what you say about yourself when you light up for the first time.

That Heavy Cigar
The heavy cigar flavor that you prefer tells people that you mean business. You’re a no-nonsense kind of person, but you’re old-school and fair. You’re like the 80-year old CEO of the company who’s nice to everyone even though he makes shrewd business deals. This doesn’t mean you act as if you’re old, but it does mean that you’ve some old-school values that people would be interested in.

The Lightest Flavors Possible
Someone who’s smoking the lightest flavors possible is saying that they like the look and feel of the cigar more than they want to search out a certain flavor. Everyone likes to relax when they’re smoking a cigar, but your light cigars give you a chance to sit back and just enjoy the moment without too concerned with your cigar. People will see how laid back you are, and they’ll want to get to know you.

The Specialty Flavors
We could talk about a thousand flavors here, but every flavor that you believe in is something that shows what you’re most interested in. For example, you’re not just interested in Cuban cigars because they’re Cuban. There’s a story behind it that people wanna know. The cigars you still smoke from Honduras that smell like the forests off the coast have a story all their own, and the mysterious intrigue of your cigar makes you one of the more popular people at the cigar bar.

Your cigar flavor might tell people what sort of drink you like with your cigars, or you might be telling people a story from your past when you light up that cigar that comes from a remote region of the world. You can get to know other people who love cigars in the same way, and you might be interested to learn something new about these people when everyone lights up.

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