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How is This CBD Tincture Better Than Other CBD Oil?

Bottles of CBD Oil

If you’ve ever shopped for CBD, then you know the enormous range of CBD tincture products that are available, and each one comes from a manufacturer that swears their tincture formula is the absolute best.  Of course, for the shopper who is relatively new to CBD, this can make matters quite confusing.  How does one actually know which CBD tinctures are better than others so that they can enjoy the most successful hemp experience possible?

Well, allow us to help.

What Should You Take into Consideration?

We will be discussing a list of factors that determine the superiority of some CBD tinctures over others.  By simply paying attention to the list of factors below, you’ll have no trouble choosing the ideal hemp oil formula for your unique preferences and needs.

Factor #1: The Extraction Process

One factor that is worth checking out is the way in which the hemp was extracted. CBD tinctures and oils all contain a hemp extract, and the way in which the hemp compounds were lifted from the plant material to produce an extract actually makes a big difference in terms of the quality of the finished product.  You want to buy CBD tinctures that contain hemp compounds that were extracted using the CO2 process.  The CO2 extraction process is known to produce the most chemically stable, pure and potent extract possible.

Factor #2: The Milligram Strength

The milligram strength obviously has a lot to do with whether or not you’ll have a successful CBD experience, as it determines the potency level.  Needless to say, higher milligram strengths will cost you more, but you’re paying for potency.  So, when shopping for a CBD tincture, pay close attention to the milligram strengths that are available, especially if you’re using CBD to manage something specific.

Factor #3: Organic vs. Conventional Hemp

The hemp plant material used to produce the product should be organic.  The hemp plant is extremely good at absorbing compounds from surrounding soil, and that means that if the hemp was grown using pesticides and other toxins, it can end up with a lot of those toxins inside the actual plant.  Organic hemp is also more likely to have increased bioavailability, which means better absorption of the compounds into your body.

Factor #4: Type of Hemp Extract

Many people who are new to the world of hemp don’t realize that a CBD tincture product can be made with one of three unique types of hemp extracts: full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate.  Full spectrum CBD contains the full spectrum of compounds that exist in hemp, including that trace amount of THC, along with terpenes, flavonoids and more.  Broad spectrum is the THC-free alternative, and CBD isolate is just that – pure CBD, without anything else.  While the type of extract found in the oil product doesn’t play a role in its quality or even its potential effectiveness, it does offer a unique experience to the user due to its chemical composition.

Factor #5: Overall Formula

A CBD oil or tincture contains more than just hemp extract.  At the very least, it’s diluted with a carrier oil so that the bottle contains the perfect concentration.  Always look at the list of ingredients of a CBD tincture product before buying it, as the other ingredients play an important role in the overall quality of the formula.  For instance, if a tincture is made with a bunch of cheap fillers, the quality will be lower.

Factor #6: The Presence of Third-Party Lab Reports

Any reputable CBD tincture company offers lab reports to consumers.  These lab reports come from a third-party testing facility that carefully analyzes the hemp extract that the company uses, and gives them an information sheet that contains unbiased information ultimately reflecting the overall quality of the hemp.  Companies that don’t offer lab reports should be viewed suspiciously, because this practice has become the industry standard, and companies withholding this information likely have something to hide.

Factor #7: Strain Type

Believe it or not, even the strain of hemp used in a tincture product can make a difference.  More and more consumers are becoming aware of the ways in which different strains can produce different experiences, and how some contain plant compounds deemed more desirable than others.  Strains can be a bit confusing to beginners but doing some research on the topic can help you make sure that you’re choosing the best CBD oil possible for your unique needs and hemp-related goals.

Choosing a CBD Tincture Formula Doesn’t Need to Be an Intimidating and Overwhelming Process

Yes, there are a lot of tinctures on the market today.  But, by keeping the factors above in mind, you’ll be able to weed out the ones that aren’t worth your money and select the formula that’s absolutely perfect for you.


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