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What is the Best Rolling Paper and Why?

Any experienced smoker who rolls their own will tell you that the tobacco can be absolutely perfect, but if the rolling paper is subpar, the smoke can only be so good.  That’s why we at BnB Tobacco are here to discuss the importance of choosing the best rolling paper.  As you’ll see, the fact of the matter is that not all rolling paper is created equally.  Luckily, however, there are easy ways to ensure that you’re getting the best-quality papers possible.

What to Look for in Rolling Paper

We said that not all rolling paper is created equally.  Now, let’s break down the key ways in which papers can differ from each other.  These are the things that you should look for in a rolling paper.

Factor #1: The Right Size

Obviously, the size is important, so pay close attention, as not all papers have the same dimensions.  The size determines how large your end product will be.

Factor #2: The Right Material

Papers can be made from any number of materials, both natural and synthetic.  Ideally, you want papers that are derived from natural fibers, such as hemp or flax.  These materials are likely safer to consume regularly, and synthetic materials can negatively alter the taste of your smokes, which no one wants.

Factor #3: The Right Color

Papers tend to come in two colors: brown, or natural, and white.  White papers have been bleached to make them more aesthetically appealing, but this doesn’t mean that they’re superior in terms of the quality of your smoke.  Obviously, avoid unnatural colors that aren’t white or natural, as they contain dyes that you’ll be inhaling into your lungs.

Two Best Rolling Papers at BnB Tobacco

Now, let’s talk about our best-sellers at BnB Tobacco.  These rolling papers have been go-to products for our customers who like to roll their own.

Bugler Rolling Paper

Bugler Rolling Paper is a classic product that you’d think has been around as long as tobacco itself.  These guys have earned customers’ trust by delivering consistently high-quality and reliable products, and the papers are perfect for any smoker’s needs.  They’re the right size, and the bleached material is natural, and doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the smoke.  They’re also extremely easy to work with while they minimize the risk of tearing thanks to their sturdiness.

Raw Classic Rolling Paper

Raw Classic Rolling Paper is another popular option.  For one thing, these papers are unbleached, which is why they maintain their natural brown color.  Made from a blend of natural materials, they don’t interfere with the taste of your smoke, and are also extremely easy to manipulate without a high risk of ripping them by mistake.  They’re noted for their slow-burning quality which undoubtedly enhances the overall smoking experience, allowing each cigarette to be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

Keep On Rolling

At BnB Tobacco, we only carry the very best rolling paper on the market today.  They all come from trustworthy brands, and are made with extremely high standards.  Explore our selection in order to start rolling in no time.

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