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How to Roll a Perfect Swisher Every Time

How to Roll a Perfect Swisher Every Time, News

Maybe you’ve heard of Swisher Sweets, and how popular it is to use the wrapping to roll a perfect blunt that offers a sweet taste and a nicotine buzz.  But, if you’ve never rolled a swisher before, then you’re going to need some help, since it’s easier said than done. 

What is a Swisher?

A swisher is a slang term for a blunt made with the wrapper of a Swisher Sweet cigar.  This cigar is known for its sweet taste that comes from the wrapper itself, and the wrapper is a tobacco leaf, which means that it naturally contains the nicotine that you’d find in tobacco.  One appeal of using this as a wrapper is that the nicotine gives you a buzz in addition to the effects of the herb.  Not only are you inhaling the nicotine, but you’re absorbing it through the skin of your lips each time you take a puff.

Rolling a Swisher: How to Do it Right

These are the following steps to be able to do so:

Step #1: Make Sure That Your Herb is Ready to Go

It needs to be ground in order to be distributed evenly throughout the wrapper, so run it through a grinder, or be ready to spend a good deal of time carefully breaking it up, one bud at a time.

Step #2: Take Your Swisher Sweet and Split It Down the Middle Lengthwise

You’ll likely want to use a blade for this, although some people can crack it open with their hands after some practice.

Step #3: Remove the Tobacco and Discard It if You So Choose

What you’ll have left is an empty wrapper that’s naturally curling upward due to having stayed in a rolled position for so long.

Step #4: Lay the Wrapper Down with the Inside Facing Upward

Now, distribute your herb evenly throughout the length of the wrapper, right along the center.  Sprinkle it carefully and slowly so that it’s even and adjust it if needed with your fingers.

Step #5:  Gently Press the Herb into the Wrapper to be Packed Slightly

Now, being extremely careful not to let any spill out, pick up the wrapper and lick the end that’s farthest away from you, along the length. 

Step #6: Place it Down and Start Rolling

You’ll want to bring the edge facing you directly above the line of herb, carefully rolling it under toward you.  Make a tight roll and then roll it all the way back toward your direction.  Now, you can roll it in the other direction to make a tight roll, and seal it with the licked side, which should be damp enough to stick. 

The Perfect Swisher Blunt Awaits!

Rolling a swisher may take some practice, but after a while, you’ll be able to roll one perfect blunt after another.  Take your time and follow the directions carefully to pull it off properly.

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