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Properly Winterizing Your Humidor

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Many of us invest a good amount of money into our cigar hobby. That's why it can be extremely devastating to discover that our cigars have become too dry to be smoked when the weather gets cold. During the winter, hobbyists have to be extra careful about the way in which they store their cigars. 

A high-quality humidor does a great job at protecting cigars against environmental factors. However, even the best humidor needs to be adjusted when winter comes around due to the drastic change in climate. The relentlessly dry weather that comes with the season can leave your cigars vulnerable to damage if the right steps aren't taken. 

Here's what you need to do:

Increase Humidity with Water or Beads

It's important that a humidor compensates for the excessively dry weather once winter comes along. One of the easiest ways to increase humidity inside your humidor is by using beads that are specially created for this purpose. 

It's easy to find a jar of crystallized beads in a cigar shop. All that you have to do is remove the lid and place it inside of your humidor. If the beads start shrinking, add a little bit of distilled water. 

You can also add distilled water directly to your humidor. However, it's crucial that the water is distilled rather than tap. Tap water contains minerals that can damage your cigars when evaporated. 

Don't Store Your Humidor by a Heating Vent

Make sure that you keep your humidor far away from any heating vents. Otherwise, you're blasting extremely dry heat directly onto your humidor, interfering with its ability to do its job. 

Don't Leave the Door Open

During the winter months, it's extra important to avoid leaving the door or lid open longer than it has to be. Even keeping the door open for one minute can introduce an abundance of dry air that will shrivel up your cigars. 

Adjust the Settings if Your Humidor is Electric

If you own an electric humidor, it should be easy to adjust the settings in order to accommodate the cold winter weather. If you don't own an electric humidor, consider investing in one for the winter season. 

Use Humidifiers

It doesn't hurt to put a humidifier or two inside the room in which you store your cigars. This boost of humidity can counteract the dryness caused by your home's heating system. Plus, humidifiers can make your room much more pleasant to be in as dry air can be quite uncomfortable. 

Keep Your Humidor in Prime Condition During the Winter Season

These tips will help you maintain your cigars throughout the cold, dry winter months. Most importantly, they'll smoke perfectly no matter what the weather is like outside.

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