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Smoking a Cigar Like Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano smoking a cigar

Have you been rewatching The Sopranos now that the show has resurged in popularity?  If you’ve picked up a cigar habit since the show has been off the air, you’re probably only now just realizing how much Tony’s smoking hobby was prevalent throughout the many seasons.  And, you’ve likely noticed that Tony had a way of making smoking look effortless, cool and, well, fun.


Wanna smoke a cigar in the way that Tony does?  This article is for you.  As you’ll see, Tony isn’t your average mob boss prototype, and his cigar habit reflects his quirky personality perfectly.


Tony Soprano’s Enduring Appeal


Remember when you first watched the pilot of The Sopranos?  Right away, it was clear that this was a show unlike any other.  While the mob legends of film and television have always been rather one-dimensional, hardened characters, Tony Soprano was a conflicted, vulnerable character who was as complex as they come.  I mean, how many mob bosses spend time with a therapist when they’re not doing one of their jobs?


Because of Tony’s complicated personality, viewers still love him to this day.  He’s relatable in many ways despite the unusual way in which he makes a living.  And, because of that, many devoted fans continue to emulate him despite the fact that the show has been off the air for more than a decade.


How to Smoke a Cigar Like Tony Soprano


Time to finally take control of the cigar family.


Let Your Guard Down a Little…


If there’s one thing that made Tony stand out from other mob characters, it was his vulnerable side.  We saw this part of his personality when he was with his family and when he was visiting his therapist.  So, while you smoke that cigar, know that you don’t have to be the tough guy all the time.  It’s okay to poke a little fun at yourself while you smoke with your buddies.


…But Not Too Much


While Tony did have his softer side, it can’t be denied that he was still a hard-hitting criminal.  So, when you’re on the town with a cigar in hand, it’s okay to keep your guard up a little bit.  After all, this will help you maintain an air of mystery that will make people want to know more about you.


Know Your Worth


Despite Tony’s personal insecurities, he still knew his worth when push came to shove.  Tony didn’t take nonsense from anybody, and he dealt with troublesome characters in some pretty brutal ways.  We’re not saying that you should adopt the same practices when dealing with those you don’t get along with, but rather that you should maintain an air of confidence while you have a cigar in your hand.  After all, cigars and confidence have gone hand in hand since the beginning of the tobacco industry.


Smoke a Stogie to Unwind


Most of the time, Tony smoked a cigar as a way to relax.  And, you should view your hobby in the same way if you want to derive the most pleasure from your cigar collection.  When we smoke, we get to savor the moment no matter what’s going on in our crazy lives.  So, use that cigar to take some time off from your busy day and just unwind.


Have Some Outdoor Family Gatherings


Tony was a family man at heart, and he frequently had friends and family over his gorgeous house.  Many of our favorite scenes of him smoking took place in his backyard while he was with his family.  So, make a point to gather your loved ones together regularly and enjoy your cigar in the presence of the people who mean the most to you.


“If you can quote the rules, then you can obey them.”


Simply put, to be more like Tony Soprano, start with the way in which you relate to your cigar hobby.  This iconic television character has given us a lot of inspiration, and he continues to gain fans years after the show ended.


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