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Taking The Right Puff From Your Cigar

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How to Smoke a Cigar Correctly

Smoking a cigar is done differently than smoking other tobacco products. If you are not sure how to smoke a cigar properly, here are some tips on the correct way to smoke a cigar.

Picking the Right Cigar

Picking the right cigar is the first step to smoking a cigar properly. The strength can be too high if you are not use to cigar smoking. Find a mild cigar that will not be overpowering to you. Roll the cigar between your fingers in the search of any lumps or soft spots. The more consistent the texture is throughout the cigar is a good indicator of a well-constructed cigar.

Preparing and Lighting Your Cigar

Cutting the end, off a cigar should be done with a cigar clipper. Cut the end with a strong and quick motion trying to avoid ripping the wrapper. Now that you have clipped the end off, it is time to light the cigar. The best tool for lighting a cigar is a torch lighter, though you can use just about any source of flame. Hold the end of the cigar just above your flame. Putting the cigar directly to the flame will negatively affect the flavor of your cigar. Do not puff on the cigar until you have the end burning even and orange.

Correctly Puffing on Your Cigar

When the cigar has been primed you can begin puffing on it. Do not inhale the smoke from the cigar. Puff on it like you are sucking through a straw and hold the smoke in your mouth before you blow it out. Take a few puffs until the cigar is burning well and producing thick white smoke. Only take one or two puffs a minute.

Correctly Ashing Your Cigar

You do not need to ash your cigar as often as you do a cigarette. A big ash is generally a sign of a higher quality cigar. Avoid letting the ash get any longer than an inch because it can hinder airflow and make your cigar burn irregularly. Do not tap the ash as you would a cigarette but roll it on the ashtray until it breaks off.

Picking the right cigar, cutting the end of the cigar off properly, and puffing it without inhaling will help you get the most out of your experience. Try these tips out the next time you decide to enjoy a premium cigar that you bought from BnB Tobacco.

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