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The Case of The Unraveling Cigar Wrapper

What Are The Causes Behind an Unraveling Wrapper?

All cigar smokers out there will come across an unraveling wrapper from time to time. This happens when the wrapper of your cigar becomes loose. If this occurs, you are might experience a bad cigar burn. In order to have a final solution for this issue, you need to understand what its cause is.

Causes of Unraveling Wrappers

There are several causes of an unraveling wrapper:

  • Drying out of Cigars
    Over-dried or over-humidification of stogies can be the major cause for unraveling wrappers. When a cigar is over- humidified, its filler tends to expand, causing stress to the wrapper that holds it together. If this humidity level cannot be maintained, it will cause expansion and contraction of the wrapper, which down the line leads to the wrapper breaking.
  • Improper wrapping
    Unraveling wrappers can also be caused by the improper rolling. This factor is dependent on the cigar manufacturer.
  • Improper trimming
    Improper cigar trimming is one of the causes of wrapper unraveling. Particularly, if the end of the cigar has dried out and has to be cut for the cigar to be relit.

How to Prevent Unraveling

One of the top ways to avoid wrapper unraveling is through proper humidor maintenance. Always ensure that your hygrometer is well calibrated. By doing this, you are able to always store your cigar in the right conditions. This will assist in preventing unraveling of your wrapper caused by over-drying of cigars. Also, avoid changing the humidity level of your cigar constantly to prevent unraveling as a result of stress caused to the wrapper by constant contraction and expansions.

Also, make a point of learning how to properly cut the edge of your cigar so that you do not overdo it.

Unraveling of wrappers is rarely fault of the manufacturer. Therefore, if this happens, don’t go blaming the manufacturer. Instead, learn ways in which you can avoid unraveling of wrappers in future. The key to this is through proper maintenance.

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