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What are the Benefits of Purchasing Sun Grown Wrapper Premium Cigars?

Sun Grown Wrapper Premium Cigars

At BnB Tobacco, we are renowned for our enormous selection of fine cigars that come from different parts of the world and are made using different techniques that have stood the test of time.  One of the more unique selections that we offer is our sun grown wrapper premium cigars, which on the surface may seem no different from the more traditional cigars that we’re used to.  However, as you’re about to find out, sun grown wrapper premium cigars offer a truly unique experience that you simply can’t get with shade grown alternatives.

What is a Sun Grown Wrapper?

Most of the cigars on the market are made with shade grown wrappers, almost always out of necessity due to the unique growing conditions of specific regions of the world in which tobacco is grown.  Sun grown wrappers, alternatively, are grown in direct sunlight rather than shade.  This is where they get their name, and the nature of keeping the tobacco leaves in direct sunlight has noticeable effects on the experience of smoking this type of cigar.

Sun grown wrappers offer many distinctive qualities that are totally unique, and many fans of these types of cigars can’t get enough of the rich, dark and sweet flavor that comes from exposure to direct sunlight during the growing process.

Benefits of Going with a Sun Grown Wrapper Premium Cigar

So, what makes sun grown wrappers unique?  Let’s go over the specific advantages to this type of cigar so that you can decide for yourself whether or not one is worth a try.

#1: A Darker, Richer, and Sweeter Flavor

The main appeal of sun grown wrappers is their flavor.  The process of growing them in sunlight allows them to develop a different kind of flavor profile which many find to be nothing short of exquisite.  Inevitably, the leaf becomes sweeter and richer, with a darker flavor profile that’s simply more intense.  This changes the flavor experience one has when smoking a cigar and takes on a more decadent taste that is viewed as simply luxurious.

#2: Enhanced Freshness

Sun grown wrappers maintain their freshness for longer periods of time, because the process of growing them in the sun simply makes them more age-tolerant.  This means that you can grab a sun grown cigar that has been sitting around for a bit and still completely savor each and every puff.  It does not dry out as easily, which is a bonus especially if you have less-than-ideal storage conditions.

#3: Resilience to Various Conditions

Sun grown wrappers are more resilient, because growing them in direct sunlight makes them thicker and tougher, with larger veins that can be seen with the eye.  This toughness works in your favor as a cigar enthusiast because it demonstrates unique resilience to a number of factors that could potentially harm shade grown wrappers.  They can better handle temperature and humidity fluctuations, and, unsurprisingly, long exposure to sunlight.  They are less prone to cracking because of their thickness and are simply stronger.

#4: Compatibility with Many Tobaccos

As the sun grown wrappers are thicker, they are more compatible with unique types of tobacco that could be tough to roll in thinner, more fragile wrappers.  What this means is that when looking at sun grown wrapper premium cigars, you’ll come across more exotic tobacco blends that can’t be found elsewhere.  This is a great way to further develop your palate and enjoy the excitement of trying something new.  Sun grown wrappers can, to put it simply, open up your world of cigars to places you never thought were possible.

#5: A Slower Smoke

Due to the thickness of the leaf compared to that grown in the shade, sun grown wrappers can enable a slower smoke as they do not burn as quickly.  This can give you more bang for your buck, so to speak, while encouraging you to truly take your time and savor each puff without fear of it burning prematurely.

Is a Sun Grown Wrapper Premium Cigar Right for You?

So, is it worth it to buy a sun grown wrapper premium cigar?  We think that the answer is yes.  It’s hard not to fall in love with them, even if only enjoyed as an occasional shift from the norm, so to speak.  Their unique flavor has captivated many serious cigar enthusiasts, and even if you decide they’re ultimately not for you, they’re worth trying in order to better appreciate the craftsmanship behind cigars and the way in which subtle changes in growing conditions can have such dramatic effects on the quality, flavor and resilience of cigars.

The Sun Grown Wrapper Premium Cigars at BnB Tobacco

If you’re ready to give this spectacular type of cigar a try, check out the selection available at BnB Tobacco, where you’ll find a wide array of options to please your palate and your budget.  We always keep sun grown wrapper premium cigars in-stock because of how many of our customers are absolutely devoted to their unique flavor notes and resilience.  You can find some of the finest cigars that all share this unique trait in common and contain a wide array of fillers that are nothing short of outstanding.

We also work hard to keep our cigars affordable by maintaining good relationships with cigar manufacturers.  As a result, you can give this unique type of cigar a try without breaking the bank in the process.


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