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Big Cigars: Figure-8 Punch and a Clover Leaf Punch

When it comes to maximizing your ability to enjoy every cigar in your collection, one of the most overlooked aspects is how you cut your cigar.  Guillotines remain extremely popular, but more enthusiasts are purchasing a cigar punch as an alternative.  How the cigar is cut has a pretty huge impact on the draw that you get, and it goes without saying that all of us cigar smokers are constantly trying to chase the smoothest and most satisfying draw possible.

What is a Cigar Punch?

A cigar punch is essentially an alternative to a guillotine, designed to put a hole at the end of the cigar that will be going into your mouth.  A guillotine makes a complete cut that includes the shoulder of the cigar, and a cigar punch acts like a cylindrical blade that leaves the shoulder intact, only removing a small section of the tip.

Cigar punches are spring-loaded, and they make a very precise cut as a result.  To use them, you must gently press the punch against the tip of the cigar while rotating the punch, before pressing the button of the punch.

As cigar punches have become more and more popular, cigar enthusiasts have discovered that making specific types of designs with their cigar punch actually produces somewhat dramatic effects on the quality of the smoke.  This is because the draw of a cigar is largely determined by the size and shape of the cut.  It determines how tight the draw is based on its unique airflow according to the diameter of the cut as well as its design, which can differ based on how you apply the punch to the cigar’s tip.

Figure-8 Punch

As it turns out, different styles of punches are appropriate for different cigars.  The figure-8 punch is typically associated with smaller cigars that are 48 ring or smaller.  Using this style with a larger cigar could actually cause a less desirable airflow level that gives you an ultimately disappointing smoke.  Applied to the appropriate size of the cigar, a figure-8 punch can give you the perfect draw tightness while actually boosting the flavor of each pull of tobacco.

How to Make a Figure-8 Punch:

  1. Make a cut right against the shoulder of the cigar on one side.
  2. Simply make a second cut directly across on the other side against the shoulder, with some overlap between the two cuts.

Clover Leaf Punch

A clover leaf punch is ideal for larger cigars, because a single cut simply will not allow enough airflow to keep the cigar lit during your smoking experience.  It enables the smoke to hit the palate more directly for fuller flavor, which is something that fans of big cigars almost universally prioritize.

Another unique aspect of this cut is that you can rotate the cigar throughout your smoking experience so that the smoke hits you at a different angle depending on its position.  Ultimately, this design provides a large enough open space to get the draw that you’re looking for.

And, we have to say that it looks pretty cool.

How to Make a Clover Leaf Punch

The goal with a clover leaf punch is to mimic the design of a four-leaf clover.  It’s actually pretty simple to pull off.

  1. Simply create four punch holes in each corner of the tip, with a generous overlap between all four to produce the classic clover shape.
  2. When creating this design, you just need to be careful and precise so that you do not accidentally open up the shoulder too much.

Consider Investing in a Cigar Punch to Explore These Options Yourself

A cigar punch gives you more control over your draws by enabling intricate designs that change the way in which you enjoy your smokes.  So, it is not surprising then, that many cigar lovers have discovered that using a cigar punch enhances their hobby by giving them more options for customizing their smoking sessions.

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