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What are the Pros and Cons of Using Filtered Cigars?

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Filtered cigars have been around for ages, but we cannot deny that we’re seeing quite a resurgence in their popularity among all kinds of different tobacco users.  Perhaps most surprisingly, we are finding that more and more lovers of luxury cigars are taking quite a keen interest in filtered cigars, ensuring that they always have a small collection ready to go.

Filtered cigars are pretty self-explanatory –cigars that have a filter at the mouthpiece, and they’re smaller in size than more conventional cigars.  They are easy to find just like their more conventional counterparts, and they come in all kinds of flavors, fillers, and countries of origin.

Main Pros and Cons of Using Filtered Cigars

If you have been on the fence about investing in filtered cigars, check out these pros and cons, because as you’ll see, filtered cigars are extremely useful and just might deserve a spot in your cigar collection.

Pros of Using Filtered Cigars

Better Prices

Filtered cigars almost always cost less than unfiltered, usually because they contain less tobacco, being smaller in size.  This can be great for anyone who loves cigars but is on a budget or wants to simply enjoy their hobby without spending so much just to stock up.  You can find loads of affordable filtered cigars that taste delicious and have that silky-smooth draw that you are looking for.

No Tobacco in Your Mouth

Of course, a major advantage of having a filter is that you won’t have to worry as much about getting small bits of tobacco in your mouth when you inhale.  The filter does the work of keeping that tobacco where it belongs each time you take a pull.

Less Harshness

A filter does a great job at filtering the smoke in a way that ensures smoother pulls that are easier on the throat and lungs.  You are less likely to cough when using a filtered cigar, because they are simply less harsh.  That being said, they can be great for beginners who have not gotten the hang of more robust cigars that can hit the throat in a way that results in coughing early on in a cigar hobbyist’s career.  Being smoother, these stogies are great for those who have more sensitive throats.

More Variety Throughout the Day

Because filtered cigars are smaller, generally speaking, you can enjoy a nicer variety of cigars throughout the day.  Rather than smoking one or two large cigars over the course of several hours, you can enjoy multiple flavors as you can go through each one more quickly.  A lot of people love approaching them almost like samplers, in which you can take your pick when that craving hits.


The biggest reason why serious cigar collectors like to have filtered cigars on hand is because they’re easier to travel with, and this applies whether you’re simply driving to work or packing a suitcase for a trip overseas.  Being smaller, you can stuff more of them into your bag or luggage, or even your car if necessary, and can therefore enjoy less worry about them getting damaged in transit.  They truly are the perfect “travel-sized” alternative to larger cigars that can often be impractical to bring in large quant

ities depending on where you’re going.

Less Nicotine

Anyone trying to take in less nicotine throughout the day can opt for filtered cigars.  This is especially true among former cigarette smokers.  Cigars by nature have lower nicotine levels than cigarettes, and the filtered nature of these cigars, coupled with their smaller and slimmer sizes, creates an experience that’s more similar to that of smoking a regular cig.  Get less of a nicotine buzz but still consume some nicotine to take care of your cravings, and you might be so dazzled by the richer flavor of cigars that you don’t even notice.

Cons of Using Filtered Cigars

Faster Smoke

Of course, everything will have some drawbacks, and filtered cigars are no different.  One is that because they are smaller, you’ll go through them more quickly, which can disappoint if you’re someone who likes to finish off the evening with a nice, long and slow smoke.  You will go through them more quickly if you’re someone who wants to enjoy a lengthy smoking session, but again the advantage of this is that you can enjoy multiple flavors in one session.

Diffused Flavor

The filter does diffuse the flavor a bit, so you won’t get as strong as a flavor impact or as much smoke with each pull.  The good news is that the filter isn’t so powerful that it totally blocks you from being able to savor a multidimensional flavor profile or nice amount of smoke output.  And again, this can be a positive for those who find regular cigars simply too overpowering, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing unless you’re the type of cigar smoker who prefers highly robust and bold flavors, and lots of thick smoke with each hit.

Filtered Cigars or Unfiltered?  The Choice is Yours!

Filtered cigars definitely serve many purposes that make them worth considering separate from your trusted unfiltered varieties.  They are two entirely different types of tobacco products at the end of the day, and many cigar enthusiasts see the special value in each.  At BnB Tobacco, we offer a rich array of filtered cigars from which you can choose, with each one offering distinctive flavor that can satisfy your needs throughout the day.



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