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What Your Cigar Says About You

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Cigar Says About You

What you choose to smoke can act like your calling card and make a strong first impression. Here’s a brief overview of what message you’ll be sending out.

A Primer on Size and Length
Cigars come in a range of shapes and sizes. Each brand will have some, or all of the sizes. The longer the cigar the longer the smoke, the larger the ring size (the diameter of the cigar) the slower the smoke as well. There are certain types of cigar that’re wrapped looser or tighter and don’t obey by those rules exactly, but you’ll discover which those are quickly.

  • Panatela – 4 1/2-7 inches, ring: 32-39
  • Lonsdale – Lonsdale (length: 6 1/2 inches, ring: 42-44
  • Petit Corona – 4 1/2-5 inches, ring: 40-43
  • Corona – 5-6 inches, ring: 42-44
  • Churchill – 7 inches, ring: 47-49
  • Robusto – 4 1/2-51/2 inches, ring: 5
  • Double Corona – 7 1/2-8 inches, ring: 48-52
  • Belisco – 5-6 inches, ring: 50
  • Pyramid – 6-7 inches, ring: 50-56 at the base

In general, the length and ring size of the cigar you choose will say quite a bit about how you approach life. It’s a myth that women equate the long and thick cigar with any kind of replacement need. What’s real is that the longer and slower smoking cigar you choose, the more it tells people you’re a master of your time. Most people who have the time to smoke will choose a Belisco from Liga Underwood or RgY. These are recognizable, quality brands that say you know what you’re doing and are in control of how it’s done.

Smaller Can Say Even More
On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Panatela and Petite Corona sizes. These are favored by those who appreciate a quality cigar, but really don’t like to waste time. Artists, outdoorsmen and activists can all be found browsing the Arturo Fuentes collections – one of the best makes of quality small cigars.

Right In the Middle
Coronas land you right in the middle of the spectrum of length and size. Acid and other makes gained popularity among a younger generation because they were able to offer a quality cigar that was excellently timed for being out about time. Choosing the Acid, Olivia or AB Tempus coronas conveys a deep enjoyment of life.

The Color of a Cigar
Color indicates the heaviness and richness of the smoke. Darker leaves have more oil in them and are stronger. Here is a list ordered from lightest to darkest.

  • Double Claro
  • Claro
  • Colorado Claro
  • Colorado
  • Colorado Maduro
  • Maduro
  • Oscuro

The darker your cigar the more you project a deep appreciation of complexity. Lighter cigars are considered to be more social.

The next time you see someone smoking a cigar, perhaps you too can kind of get an idea about who they are just from what they’re smoking. And now that you know some of the cigars that’re out there that can say a lot about you, perhaps you’ll have an easier time finding the right one that fits your persona.

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