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Cigar Smoker

You can tell a few things about a man by the scent he wears. All macho men will always strike to smell as masculine as possible. That’s why you will find them smoking cigars. Cigar smells have always been associated with macho nonsensical men. The ‘ombre’ man from Mexico ideally represents how a macho man is supposed to be poised. Therefore, there’s some importance in the way a man ought to smell.

If you occasionally enjoy a cigar, then here are some few tips why you need a cigar manly essence.

In general, the smell of tobacco never leaves you after burning out two quick cigars on the porch with a glass of fine whiskey on the other hand. That smell needs to be masked with the aroma of a manly scent that says, “I can smoke and still smell good”.
There’s of course the advantage to the secondary smoker. Scented cigars will be wasy to the noses of the people around you and this shows you’re considerate.

Let us not forget that smoking a manly scented cigar is like killing two birds with one stone. You still enjoy enjoy the benefits of a normal cigar while still smelling good. I know the ladies will love that. This definitely saves you from buying a cigar scented cologne, doesn’t it?

Always associated with cigar smoking is the pungent smell on the hands, especially the index and middle fingers. The benefit to smoking a manly scented cigar is that the smell on the fingers is masked. That means no more awkward handshakes.

I know most people associate the smell and smoke of a cigar with old age. There’s always that distinctive smell that comes immediately reminds you of your old man or your grandpa. But what does smoking a cigar that exudes the essence of man say about you?

  • It says you are your own man.
  • It says you are confident.
  • It says you are not uptight to change.
  • Most importantly it still says you can be macho and smell good.

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