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Filtered Cigars 101

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Filtered cigars consist of wrapper, binder and filler and in this particular case filter.

Filters are intended to reduce the amount of smoke, tar, and fine particles inhaled during the combustion of a cigar, but have no actual proven health benefits. The standard filter used on cigars today contains 15 000 fibers per filter. According to surveys, smokers believe that filtered cigars reduce the risks of smoking and that is most likely why beginning smokers choose this type of cigars. However, they’re unaware of the possibility of loose fibers from cigars’ filters being ingested and/or inhaled into their lungs during smoking.

Taking everything said into consideration, there is no proof that you’re better off starting with filtered cigars, quite the opposite; it may even be more dangerous in terms of pollution of lungs. The only benefit of filtered cigar is that the taste is lighter and you may spare yourself from usual dizziness associated with smoke inhaling. If you have decided to become a smoker and your choice is a cigar, most probably the safer pleasure in smoking is brought to you by non-filter cigars. Every cigar lover, enjoying its taste and aroma will agree on that, especially when it comes to reducing its flavor.

Tips for beginners: It’s not recommended to inhale the smoke, but rather to sip it or even puff it. The most of its richness in flavor you will feel by sipping it and puffing is reserved for those inexperienced ones. And, by all means, hold your breath when lighting a cigar as I seriously doubt anyone will enjoy smell of either paraffin from a match or gasoline from a lighter drawn to their mouth and lunges.

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