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Don't Use a Candle to Light A Cigar!


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Thanks to the old superstition, many people try to tempt fate by lighting a cigar with a candle. While this method of lighting won't necessarily result in the untimely death of a distant sailor, it's still not a proper way to start your cigar-smoking session. 

Now here’s why:

The Size of the Flame Isn't Compatible with Your Cigar

Nowadays, there are so many different cigar lighters on the market that come in a variety of flame sizes based on the different sizes of cigars that are available. Using a lighter with the right flame size for your cigar ensures that the end is evenly lit, resulting in a more satisfying experience overall. 

Meanwhile, a random candle that you find in your house has a flame size that likely isn't compatible with your cigar's size. Therefore, there's a good chance that your cigar will be unevenly lit, meaning that you won't be able to enjoy it to its fullest potential. 

The Wax from the Candle Can Interfere with Your Cigar's Flavor

As a candle burns, its wick interacts with the wax from which it is made. If you don't want your cigar to have a waxy aftertaste, it's best that you light it with a lighter rather than a candle. 

Plus, some cheaper candles contain wicks that are made from toxic materials. While it's safe to breathe in the air that surrounds the lit candle, inhaling it directly through your cigar is another story. 

It's Potentially Dangerous

Depending on the size of your candle, using it to light your cigar can be dangerous. If you're smoking a small stogie and you're using a large pillar candle that produces a big flame, you might end up burning yourself. Besides, tilting the candle to light your cigar can cause wax to spill onto your skin. Plus, that wax can create quite a mess if it gets on your clothes, the floor or a surface. 

There Are Plenty of Good Cigar Lighters Out There

There's just no reason to use a candle to light a cigar. As we said earlier, there are so many high-quality cigar lighters out there that vary in price. 

Avoid Doing This

As you can see, you should avoid using a candle to light a stoige at all costs. Instead, invest in a durable, reliable lighter that's specially made for lighting cigars.

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