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Can a Sudden Temperature Change Affect Your Cigar Being Smoked?

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If you’ve been a cigar smoker for a while, you may have noticed by now that sudden changes in temperature can have dramatic effects on your smoking experience.  Whether it’s a hot, humid day or the temperature has reached below freezing point, your cigar can suffer.

For those concerned about the weather altering your smoke, this article is for you.  We’re going to explain the unique ways in which temperature affects your cigars.  We’re also going to help you prevent sudden changes in temperature from ruining your smoking experience.

Drastic Increase in Heat

During the hot summer months, it’s not unusual for the temperature to be twenty degrees warmer than it was the day before.  Typically, an increase in heat like this is accompanied by dry air and intensely bright sunlight.

In terms of how this affects your cigars, it’s important to remember that severe dryness is an enemy to tobacco.  The combination of high heat, dry air and bright sun can dehydrate your cigar beyond repair.  In fact, some tobaccos are especially vulnerable to heat, resulting in a change in flavor.

Sudden Cold

Drastic drops in temperature can also deplete your cigars of moisture, causing them to crack and become virtually impossible to enjoy.  Especially on windy days, your cigars are very vulnerable to drops in temperature.  Cold air can also alter the flavor of your cigar as freezing temperatures subdue the release of certain flavor notes.  Therefore, if your cigar tastes flat on a particularly cold day, it’s likely because of the temperature outside.

Spike in Humidity

Although humidity isn’t the same thing as temperature, it affects your cigar enough to make it worth noting.  Although most of us go to great lengths to keep our cigars properly humidified, too much humidity can be just as bad.  A cigar that’s exposed to too much moisture can become wet and even spoiled.  That’s because the hydrogen in the air bonds with the tobacco, causing it to get extremely moist.  You might notice that it’s very difficult to smoke your cigar on a very hot day.  In extreme cases, even keeping it lit can seem impossible.

Preventing Your Cigar from Being Affected by Sudden Temperature Changes

To avoid sudden temperature changes damaging your cigars, it’s crucial that you keep them stored properly.  Always keep your cigars in a high-quality humidor so that your cigars are safe from dry weather and sudden changes in humidity.

Also, it should go without saying that you should never, ever leave your cigars outdoors.  This includes your car.  Constantly-changing temperatures are definitely not good for your cigars.

Weather Matters

While weather can greatly impact the quality of your smoke, there are some easy ways to prevent changing temperatures from altering the integrity of your precious cigars.

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