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How Arnold Schwarzenegger Came to Smoke Cigars

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Cigar

If there’s one thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for besides his legendary film roles and his stint as governor of California, it’s his love of cigars.  These days, it’s hard to spot the icon without a cigar in hand, and it seems that he wants to share his love for cigars with anyone who is willing to listen.

So, how did this iconic film actor become so strongly associated with cigars?  We’re here to give you a brief history of the relationship between Arnold and his beloved stogies.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Really Know His Cigars?

Throughout the course of Hollywood history, many legendary actors have used cigars as props that gave them a more suave and refined edge.  So, many people question whether Arnold actually knows his stuff, or if he’s just using cigars to make himself look wiser and more distinguished.

The truth is that few people know cigars like Arnold.  He is a proud connoisseur who can spend hours talking about his favorite brands with anyone who will give him the time of day.  In fact, in November of 2014, he was named “Cigar Smoker of the Year” by Cigar Aficionado.

And, only recently, Arnold made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, taking his host to his favorite cigar haunt in the city, the Havana Room.  There, they discussed cigars for an extended period of time, discussing what they liked and didn’t like.

In other words, no one can deny that Arnold is a true cigar connoisseur who knows his stuff.  And, as one would assume, his taste is impeccable.

How Did it All Begin?

Many people don’t remember that Arnold started out as a bodybuilder after moving to America decades ago.  During his time attending bodybuilding competitions, he got started off on small cigars here and there that were given to him by other attendees.

But, everything changed when he met his wife Maria, who in 1977 brought him to the family home of Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.  While communing with guests, Maria’s father offered Arnold a cigar, and the rest is history.

Speaking of Maria, Arnold kids around about the fact that she can’t complain about his cigar-smoking hobby simply because it was her father who introduced him to it in the first place.  Arnold has since dedicated much of his time to seeking out and sampling the best cigars in the world.  And, it turns out that the Havana Room is perhaps his very favorite spot to enjoy his hobby with fellow cigar enthusiasts.

What Does Arnold Smoke?

The million-dollar question is, “What kind of cigar does Arnold Schwarzenegger smoke?”  It turns out he’s a big fan of Punch cigars, although he’s open to trying basically anything.  And trust us when we say that he seems to have tried them all.  What’s great about Arnold is that he’s willing to discuss different cigar varieties at length as well.  In fact, he knows the history of legendary brands as much as he knows the flavor profiles of the cigars themselves.

According to his closest friends, including Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone, the chances of Arnold quitting cigars is highly unlikely.  It’s become such a big part of his life that to lose the hobby would be quite devastating.  Throughout his many different ventures, from bodybuilder to actor to governor, he’s always had a trusty cigar by his side.  And, now, we think it quite strange if we catch a paparazzi photo of him without a cigar in hand.

Has Arnold Helped the Cigar Industry?

It’s safe to say that Arnold should be given some credit for keeping the cigar industry where it is.  Extremely influential public figures like him inspire others to give cigars a try, and to invest in the best ones that they can find.  Arnold’s discerning taste has helped teach many aspiring cigar enthusiasts what to look for and what to avoid.  And, thanks to him, certain brands continue to be successful as he’s promoted them enthusiastically.

A True Cigar Icon

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one icon whose love of cigars is the real deal.  If there’s anyone in Hollywood who knows how to spot the differences between different Cuban tobaccos, it’s him.  Throughout his career, he’s never put his love for cigars on hold.

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