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Important Cigar Accessories to Keep on a Boat

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It’s a beautiful day, and you’re out on your boat. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be to light up a great cigar. Then you realize, you forgot to bring your cigar accessories! Darn, what were you thinking? There’s a really easy fix, have accessories that stay on your boat. Whether you have a fifty foot yacht, or a pontoon boat, or anything in between, you need to have a space just for your cigar accessories. So, when it comes time to enjoy a smoke, you can. Just like your beer cooler is off limits to diet soda, your cigar compartment is off limits to any chick stuff.

Great, now what do you want to keep on your boat? For starters, you’ll a good cigar cutter. Sure you can use a knife in a pinch, but why risk it? A proper cigar cutter will ensure that you get a smooth draw. You might think you don’t need to worry because you carry your cigar cutter in your pocket. Like you’ve never forgot to check your pockets when you changed pants. Seriously, better safe than sorry.

Next you need a dependable lighter. One with a good steady flame, that won’t give you trouble if conditions are a little damp. It’s a boat, stuff gets wet. You don’t want to get stuck trying to use kitchen matches. The idea is to relax, and enjoy your cigar.

The most important thing to have on a boat is a humidor with a humidifier. Conditions on or next to a large body of water tend to be a little more humid than farther in land. There are many kinds of humidors and humidifiers you can buy. Some are really expensive, some are really cheap. Don’t go by price. Take the time to research. Basically, make an informed decision, not based on price alone.

Good cigars are expensive. The times to sit back and enjoy them are priceless. You worked for this moment, you deserve to have it, don’t lose it due to lack of planning.

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