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Top 3 Most Well-Known Super Bowl Cigar Smokers of All-Time

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Although cigar smoking is restricted in NFL stadiums, you will still find some of the best players smoking, outside the stadium. You will see them celebrate their wins with a cigar or two. Here are just a few of the best NFL Players who are also cigar enthusiasts.

Former NFL Great #3: Randy Moss

Randy Moss has built quite a reputation for himself, breaking a series of records in your favorite sports. When he was 21, he broke the record for rookie touch down. He also broke the record for single session touchdown when he was only 23. His impressive track record doesn’t just stop with the NFL. Moss is one of the biggest cigar enthusiasts. When he wasn’t playing, you would find him smoking his favorite stogie. He particularly loves smoking cigars while fishing. And while you may think that such a man is hard to impress, just give him a humidor with premium cigars and that’s all it takes to impress him.

Former NFL Great #2: Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is a retired NFL player, known to have won four Super Bowls in a row with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s known to be among the strongest of arms in the history of the NFL. Other than football, cigars are his next passion. He’s known to have been a favorite of Art Rooney Sr., former owner of the team. When he tried his first cigar, it was Art Rooney who had allowed him take a stogie from his humidor. Since then, his love for cigars grew. He would sneak around and take a cigar from his boss’ humidor. But considering the amount of victories that he brought to the team, this was a non-issue. If someone helps you achieve that much success you let them do whatever they want. Every time that they were reviewing a game, you wouldn’t miss a cigar in his mouth. Although, Bradshaw learned the art of smoking cigars in the late stages of his football profession, he has been one of the greatest cigar enthusiast. Every smoker has a different preference for their cigars. As for TB, he like his cigars mild. You’ll therefore find him smoking the likes of Griffins. Catch him watching football film, and you’ll notice that he always has a cigar in hand.

Former NFL Great #1: Mike Ditka

Mike Dikta is everyone’s favorite NFL player. One of the best Chicago Bears players and coaches is also a cigar enthusiast.  Sometimes, you’ll catch him with a cigar in hand as he commentates on ESPN. He takes his cigars almost everywhere he goes. You can say that cigars are his best friend. He has too much love for the cigars, so much so that he even his owns cigar edition, which will be produced by the Little Havana Cigar Factory that he recently bought. If you’ve tasted Camacho and have loved this premier cigars, you’ll definitely love the Dikta edition. Other than that, he owns a few restaurants and they all allow cigar smoking. According to Mike Dikta, there’s no single cigar that can be said to be of poor quality. Not unless you’ve tried it and had a bad experience yourself. Today, Mike Dikta is more into sophisticated cigar brands, but he did not start here. He stated that when he started smoking cigars, he didn’t have much money and would smoke whatever he could afford. With time, however, his taste advanced, as well as his salary, and now you’ll find him smoking the likes of Dunhill.

Enjoy a cigar as you watch your favorite team win (or simply for the halftime show). Your team’s best players will probably be doing the same to celebrate their win. Besides, football and cigars are a match made in sports heaven after all.

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